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 Access your files with our secure, online document sharing application. Click here to enter your username and password.

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Sladek & Witek is proud to announce our Client Portal service.  Please use the following instructions to begin accessing your new ProSystem fx portal.  Should you have difficulty at any time, please contact Martha Devine, Client Services Manager, at: or 203-268-5988 extension 0.

You can also download to your mobile devices the "CCh Client Axcess" app.  Go to the App store to download.

To watch an introductory video on using the portal service please click here or on the video icon.

Upon creation of your client portal you will receive emails with the following messages:

 SLADEK & WITEK, CPA’S has created a portal to share files with you (portal information);

  1. Welcome to SLADEK & WITEK, CPA’S Portal (website and login);
  2. Your portal access (temporary password).

 ProSystem fx Portal Client User Guide

About ProSystem fx Portal

Portal is a simple and easy to use Web application that facilitates secure file transfers and continued access between Sladek & Witek and our clients.  For our clients, Portal is a web-based interface that only requires the installation of Microsoft Silverlight for use.

Your Portal password will be provided via a separate email.  All documents made available for continued access such as a tax return or financial statement will remain on your portal for a stated period of time in accordance with Sladek & Witek’s record retention and portal use policies.

 System Requirements

Portal relies on the Microsoft Silverlight  platform and a user may be prompted to install Silverlight from Microsoft’s website the first time they login. The install is completely safe and typically takes less than a minute and just a few clicks.

 Portal will support all browsers on PC and Mac that are compatible with Microsoft Silverlight.

 A complete list of browsers and operating systems that support Silverlight can be found at


 Mac computers with Intel processors are able to access Portal.

 If you are a Mac user, browse to the link below to verify your computer’s processor type.

 Internet Explorer

Portal can be used with Internet Explorer version 7 or higher. Although not required for the use of ProSystem fx Portal, changing the following settings may allow for even easier use:

 Internet Explorer Settings

 Open Internet Explorer and browse to

  1. In Internet Explorer: select Tools, Internet Options, click on the Security tab, click Trusted Sites, and then click on the Sites button.
  2. Click Add to move the Portal URL to the Trusted sites zone, then click close.
  3. Click Custom level.
  4. Click Enable for Automatic prompting for file downloads.
  5. Click Enable for File Download.
  6. Click OK to save the changes.

To Log in via an Ipad you can use the Simplified Portal using your web browser. On most systems you should be able to access, upload and download files.  Click Here for the link



 Quick Start Guide

 Portal Login:        

 Launch your Web browser and type in the following address:

 Select:  Portal Log in button 

Enter:               Login ID (email address):  

                           Password (temporary password):

Login Tips

 Refer to the emails received from Sladek & Witek for login information;

  • The Login ID (email address) is not case sensitive;
  • The temporary password provided via email is case sensitive;
  • For security reasons, you are required to change your password upon logging in for the first time;
  • Your new password may be from 8 to 32 characters, must contain at least one alpha character, one numeric character, one special character (e.g. !, @, #, etc.) and is case sensitive;
  • Your password may be reset at any time by clicking “Forgot your password?”

Getting Started

A short “Welcome to the Portal!” message will be presented to each user upon their initial login to Portal. The welcome message simply directs users to the expandable/collapsible Getting Started menu. Click the Getting Started ribbon on the left side of the screen to expand and view this menu.

 Click the black arrow to view Getting Started menu options.

Getting Started menu Key Features

  • When clicking on the buttons, the respective feature in Portal will begin to flash in order call attention to it.
  • Perform the suggested (flashing) step, and then click on the next step to easily perform each step required to add files to Portal.
  • This feature is not only for informative purposes, it may be used to add files to Portal for the firm to view (e.g. Returns, Financial Statements) when they are added to Portal.

 Download files from Portal

 Folders are used to organize files on the portal. Simply double-click on a folder to view your files.

A simple way to view or save a file is to double-click on the file name. Double-clicking on a file will display the File Download Box.

Click Open to view the file or Save to download/save a copy to your computer or network. When a file is downloaded, a copy is created and does not delete or affect the file on your portal. If the file download screen does not display due to your browser’s security settings, a small window will appear in the lower right portion of the screen allowing you to access the file.

The File Download example displayed above refers to Internet Explorer. Other Web browsers may respond differently when you double-click on a file name, however, this will not affect your ability to access the file.

It is recommended to download (save) a copy of your deliverable items from Portal, as most files will not remain there indefinitely. The firm can provide more detail regarding how long files will be accessible via Portal.

 Steps to Add Files to Portal

On the Portal Home page; click Add Files to display the Add Files screen.

Select a portal (only for those users that have access to multiple portals)      

  1. Set the file location (destination folder within the Portal)
  2. Click “Browse for files” and select file(s) via Windows Explorer
  3. Click “Upload” to add the file(s) to Portal
  4. Click “Back” to return to the User Homepage

We hope you find these instructions helpful.  Should you need any assistance with your portal at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are very excited to be sharing this new technology with you.

Best regards,


Certified Public Accountants